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  About Kararu Dive Voyages - The Voyager
  Kararu Dive Voyages

About Kararu Dive Voyages

.... our objectives, company history, our vessel and the people behind Kararu.

Our History

Kararu Dive Voyages liveaboard operation was founded by three young
dive enthusiasts; Tony Rhodes, Lisa Crosby and Sascha Dambach. With
an unrivaled enthusiasm of scuba diving and over twenty years combined
experience in the diving industry, these three partners combined their skills
to create all that is essential to a first class liveaboard dive operation.

Our Objectives

Kararu Dive Voyages was started with the objective of bringing Indonesia's
scarcely seen underwater treasures to a broader base of divers under the
belief that first hand experience is the key to education and therefore
conservation. Actively assisting in raising funds and awareness for conservation
is the cornerstone of the company. Bringing tourism to rarely visited areas of Indonesia and educating the local population in the benefits of reef and fish conservation is the key to preserving the fragile seas of Indonesia.

Kararu Dive Voyages recognizes that it is at the forefront in being able to
make a long term difference and help to ensure that Indonesia's treasure
and its local cultures are preserved for the benefit of all.

Our Peoples

Experience on board and behind the scenes is essential to any successful
scuba diving liveaboard operation.

Kararu Dive Voyages has carefully selected and trained a team of 19 Indonesian
crew members from al over the Indonesia archipelago. The combination of these different island cultures, combined with the crew’s natural and sincere kindness towards others makes for a special team of gifted seamen and friendly

Experienced and professional dive staff are also important, Karl Klingeler and
Linda Johnston are Kararu's 2 dynamic dive masters. They are fully qualified
PADI, NAUI, BSAC & TDI/SDI instructors with thousands of dives logged. Their
local experience and knowledge of marine life habitat will lead you to the secret places only those intimately familiar with the area can.

Our Motor Yacht - The Voyager

Home Port: Kararu Dive Voyages and offices and the Voyager's home port is Benoa Harbour in the south of Bali. Port of embarkation/disembarkation will change according to the cruise itenary. Port of embarkation/disembarkation is listet on the iternary page. If embarkation/disembarkation is listet as anything other than Bali a domestic flight will be required from Ngurah Rai Airport in south Bali.

Climate: Tropical, ranges between 25 C (77 F) and 33 C (91 F)

Average Water Temperatur: Ranges between 20 C (72 F) and 30 C (84 F)

Photographer Facilities: Digital rental and course, digital camera and stills editing suite with 10 computer work staions fire wired to CD and DVD burner, slide scanner, 110/220 Volt battery charging station, camera work stations, light tables and loopes, E6 slide film processing and mounting, digital and slide projector, projection screen.

Diving: Dives are conducted from the Voyager's two 24 foot skiffs. Expect to dive a variety of sites including pinnacles, drift dives, sea mounts, piers, walls, slopes, muck and sand.

Max. Number of Divers: 18 - 20 (possible for full boat charter)

Crew on Board: 20 boat crew, 2 western cruise directors/dive guides, 2 indonesian dive guides.

Alternate activities during the cruise: National park walks, unlimited shore excursions, beach barbecues, remote village tour, fishing, ocean kayaking, water skiing, jungle trecks hill hiking, snorkelling.

Conservation: Active member of the NMTA, TNC, Komodo Foundation, mooring buoy project, beach clean ups, local village support.

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