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Bunaken Wall Diving

BUNAKEN ISLAND : One of the worlds most beautiful coral environments, with an almost unbelievable variety of teeming sea life, superb visibility and spectacular scenery. Bunaken is the chief attraction of North Sulawesi specially for diver, with much of the best coral and so many different kind of fish, small and bigger.

The drift diving is easy - jump in and go with the current. Dive boat pick up divers wherever the surface. Most diving is in light currents when the filter - feeders open up and the reefs are at their best. Currents bring in schooling fishes and bigger animals like eagle rays, barracudas, Napoleon wrasses and sharks.
The water temperature is warm, about 27 to 30 degrees. The best time to dive is March to November. The rainy season is December to mid March. July and August are sunny and windy. Visibility is excellent at 20 - 30 m or more.
The park's best feature is its steep walls and coral gardens. Snorkellers too can enjoy the shallow reefs filled with clouds of colourful fishes. Schooling pyramid butterfly fish are common along the reef crest. Deeper walls are filled with black corals, sea fans and fantastic sponges. Nudibranchs are plentiful.

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