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The Cheng Ho - Dive Destinations

Kararu liveaboard scuba diving adventures visits the exciting dive destination, Komodo, regularly. To avoid the rainy season in the Komodo region, the liveaboard cruises other islands from the month of February through April. Following is practical information on each region.

The Komodo Marine Park

The Komodo National Park, officially declared a World Heritage Site in 1991, encompasses 132,000 hectares of marine waters making it one of the largest protected zones on the planet. The number and variety of islands which include Rinca, Padar, Komodo and several smaller isles, combined with current, wave action and wind exposure, result in an incredible variety of coastal and marine habitats.

Alor Island

The Alor Island regency, in the far East of Indonesia, comprises two main islands Pantar and Alor, as well as a number of smaller isles. The undeveloped Alor
regency is home to just 2 percent of Indonesia's population. The Alor Straight
is one Indonesia's best kept secrets and a first class, undiscovered scuba diving region.

The water's surrounding the Alor regency are extremely rich with varied reef
profiles; walls, seamounts, rocky outcrops, and pristine coral-reefs. The secret
dive site in the Kalibahi Bay is home to harliquin shrimp, sea horses, ghostpipe
fish, wonderpus, mimic octupus and hairy frogfish.

Sustainable fishing practices and eco tourism are prevelent in the Alor Island
region and there are no signs of reef destruction. Opportunities abound to
interact with the locals on the various island who are a traditional seafaring
people. Visiblity is clear, waters warm and the density of divers is minimal,
Alor is perfect tropical scuba diving.

Irian Jaya and Raja Ampat Islands

Irian Jaya comprises the western half of the world's second largest island, New Guinea. Irian Jaya is a true patchwork of ethnicities and one of the last great unexplored regions of our precious earth. Twenty percent of Irian Jaya's land
and marine parks are designated conservation areas yielding the highest fish
and coral count of any sea.

Marine biodiversity is evident everywhere rivaling any tropical rainforests in
species density. Irian Jaya has a tremendous variety of creatures on the reefs.
From over 3000 recorded fish species, 300 scleractinian (reef building corals),
100 sponge species, dolphins, dugong, hawksbill (Ertmochelys imbricata), green (Chelonia) and leatherback turtles (Dermochelys coriacea) who lay their eggs in Irian Jaya.

Fewer than two million people live in Irian Jaya's 410,660 square kilometers.
Unique flora and fauna abound including the bird of paradise, the giant
cassowary bird and bird winged butterlies Idyllic islands finged with white sand beaches, dotted isles filled with hanging orchids and venus fly traps, Irian Jaya's western tip holds some truly stunning regions both above water and below.

Exploration Diving

Indonesia, the world's largest archipelagic state, spans like a wide arc, (12%
of the world's circumference) more than 5000 km of the eqator, from mainland Southeast Asia to Papua New Guinea. It has more than 80,000 km of coastline
with 3.1 million square kilometers of tropical seas much of which, has never
been explored by scuba divers.

Outside Kararu Dive Voyages' liveaboard route from Bali to Komodo and return
at the beginning of each year, in order to avoid the rainy season in the Komodo National Park region, the liveaboard moves to another exciting location in the Indonesian archipelago.

During these relocation cruises, scuba divers have a chance to plunge into the unknown reefs of the Indonesian archipelago. Always an enticing territory for the avid and adventurous explorer, these cruises provide a once in a lifetime experience.

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